1. Daniel

    SEF says 50% damage each spirit now it used to be 45%. Which would total 150% damage boost instead of 135% total it used to be, does that make it more competitive now?

    1. Author

      That’s simply the effects of the Spiritual focus Artifact trait

  2. Felix

    Regarding scaling, the reason monks don’t scale well even though we scale much better with agility than secondary stats is because almost all other specs scale just as well with their primary stat. They scale as well or better than Windwalkers with primary stats AND have crazy secondary stat interactions, as well as a relevant weapon scaling.

    Windwalker agility scaling only looks good against its own secondary stat scaling. In reality, it’s only average at best. Point for point, we will get the same amount of DPS as most other specs from their primary stat.

    1. Felix

      Furthermore, because primary stats scale better as we get more of other stats, it will actually fall in value relative to other classes’ primary stat weights, since Windwalkers do not bother with haste. Considering this, it’s actually fair to say that Windwalker scales POORLY with agility (in the long run).

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