Ep 7 – Legion Windwalker, feat; Panda, Mega, and Ruhye

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Our first podcast with guests. Let me know in the comments how you think it went.


  1. Eric

    what you need to do is have a double monk setup, you ring of peace around the statue, this way mobs try and go there but cant hit it.

  2. Eatmyfeet

    First of all nice to listen to, gotta say.
    Then i think you should shoutout at the beginning what you are planning on talking about in the ongoing Podcast, that should make a smooth”er” transition from the hello/welcome to the discussions and facts.

    Regarding to the new RoP: think of CCable adds, that jump/charge or whatever to certain directions and or players.
    e.g. Kitties in DHT+CoS: Set RoP, ranged camp behind it/in it -> kittens getting rekt :p

    I´ve played ww since WoD until now and i´m about to reroll into Brewmaster. Do you know of similar websites like WtW for Brewmasters, where i can find theorycrafting, thoughts etc.? I´m asking since i enjoy the luxury of this community, with the best part being you guys regulary posting here and summing up all the changes, facts and math.
    Though the reroll, i´ll be happy to keep following this newsfeed.
    Thanks to you and the people that help

  3. Topping

    I enjoy this and really appreciate what your doing here Babylonius cheers for all the hard work you do.

  4. Mozgos

    Great podcast! I had a hard time understanding Panda though… And I’m french.

  5. Crossjaw

    That was f*%$ing awesome! Best podcast ever!

    Keep it up bois, you are the best!

  6. Swiftspear

    Great podcast, it becomes a bit better when you have someone with you. Not that your podcast you’re doing alone are bad, it’s just that it helps to hear other voices too. Otherwise keep up the good work and really this website has helped me so much since switching to Monk for Legion.

    Also, when you get The Emperor’s Capasitor, remind yourself of this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNS4t5UCBfI

  7. Gab

    Really enjoyed that! Nice to listen while playing and stuff, sure bring guests more times Babylonius, I love the podcast format!

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