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All races are within 1% of each other, play what you want. (psst… Pandaren)

Stat Priority

Agi > Mastery > Vers >= Crit > Haste

These stat priorities will change based on your current gear. Keep Mastery as close to 4500 above Vers, Vers 400 above Crit (800 if you’re a Blood Elf), and Haste below 10%. For slightly more info check out the Gear Basics.

  • For cloak and ring enchants, follow the stat priority above.
  • For neck enchant use Enchant – Satyr
  • Flask – Flask of the Seventh Demon (Agility)
  • Potion – Potion of Prolonged Power (Updated Oct 22)
  • Rune – Defiled Augment Rune (Agility)
  • Food – Non-Pandaren use Fishbrul Special for single target. Multi-target and Pandaren use secondary stat food, following the stat priority for your character. (Updated Oct 2)
Single Target

WoWHead Calculator

Multi Target (More than 1)

WoWHead Calculator

Windwalkers operate on a priority system. This means that you use whatever ability is available that’s highest up in the priority.

Offensive Cooldowns

Storm, Earth, and Fire –  Use it in single target when other major damage abilities are available and in multi-target to stack up Spinning Crane Kick rapidly. Activate the button a second time for spirits to converge on the target. Always keep at least one stack recharging at all times.

Touch of Death – Use it on cooldown. With Gale Burst, use it as a damage increase timed with other major damage abilities for maximum damage. Despite what the tooltip says, it does 50% of your health in damage and is increased by mastery.

Single Target Rotation
  1. Fists of Fury
  2. Strike of the Windlord
  3. Whirling Dragon Punch (If you took this talent)
  4. Tiger Palm ( if <4 Chi and about to cap energy)
  5. Rising Sun Kick
  6. Rushing Jade Wind (If talented)
  7. Chi Wave / Chi Burst
  8. Blackout Kick
  9. Tiger Palm
Multiple Targets
  1. Fists of Fury
  2. Whirling Dragon Punch (If talented)
  3. Strike of the Windlord
  4. Rising Sun Kick (ONLY if talented into WDP and ONLY to enable using WDP)
  5. Rushing Jade Wind (Less than 7 targets) (If talented)
  6. Chi Burst / Chi Wave
  7. Spinning Crane Kick
  8. Blackout Kick (to build Spinning Crane Kick stacks)
  9. Tiger Palm

Spinning Crane Kick moves up the priority based on how many targets you’ve tagged with Mark of the Crane. See this article to learn how to use it. Crackling Jade Lightning and Flying Serpent Kick can be used in place of Blackout Kick for AOE if you don’t need to build stacks in order to allow back-to-back Tiger Palm to generate maximum Chi.

With the legendary, Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch, be sure to use Touch of Death a second target within 3s of the first.

Opener Recommendations:

For understanding the acronyms, see our Acronym Guide.

With Whirling Dragon Punch and Energizing Elixir:

TP -> TOD -> SEF+RSK -> EE+FoF -> SotW -> TP -> WDP with RSK coming off CD soon

With Whirling Dragon Punch and Power Strikes:

TP -> TOD -> TP + SEF -> FoF -> SotWL -> TP -> RSK -> WDP -> TP

With Serenity (on pull and when Gale Burst lines up with Serenity):

Chi Wave (out of boss range on self) -> FSK (don’t hit anything) -> Prepotion -> Chi Wave (on target) -> TP->  ToD -> On use trinket (if you have one) -> Serenity + RSK > SotW -> FoF -> RSK -> SCK -> BoK -> Serenity complete -> RSK -> TP -> FOF



Gale Burst – This is the only trait that prompts any changes or requires thoughts. Once you take this trait Touch of Death is no longer used on cooldown, but saved until other big damage abilities are available like Fists of Fury and Storm, Earth, and Fire unless you will lose out on a cast later in the fight.

Artifact Power Path


Counter Clockwise – Best if it’s your offspec or to be ready to raid as quickly as possible. If you choose this path: get Transfer the Power before Tornado Kicks, and skip Gale Burst until after you get Crosswinds.

Artifact - CCW

Yes I removed the clockwise path, its late enough in the expansion that you should be going counter clockwise. If you went clockwise, don’t freak out, you’re really not missing much, continue on your path.


There can be some trade-off between trait power and weapon ilvl gain. Fists of the Wind is the top trait for both single target and AOE situations. Here’s what weapon ilvl gain the other traits need to provide to be better than Fists of the Wind:

Updated 12/11

Single Target

  1. Fists of the Wind
  2. Rising Winds (+2 ilvl)
  3. Inner Peace (+3 ilvl)
  4. Tiger Claws (+5 ilvl)
  5. Strength of Xuen (+6 ilvl)
  6. Everything else (+7 ilvl)


  1. Fists of the Wind
  2. Inner Peace (+7 ilvl)
  3. Rising Winds (+8 ilvl)
  4. Power of a Thousand Cranes: (+8 ilvl)
  5. Tiger Claws (+11 ilvl)
  6. Strength of Xuen (+10 ilvl)
  7. Everything else (+12 ilvl)

When comparing relics with two different traits, just take the difference between the ilvl bonus it provides to the weapon, NOT the ilvl of the relic itself. For example; an Inner Peace relic needs to provide at least +36  weapon ilvl to be better than a Rising Winds relic that gives +35 weapon ilvl.

Legendaries are rare drops that you can get from a variety of content. If you’d like general information about Legendaries then see A Guide to Legion Legendaries.


In terms of overall usefulness, the legendaries are ranked:

  1. March of the Legion – 25% movement speed is arguably the strongest raid benefit of any Legendary.
  2. Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred – Best DPS if used offensively, best Defensive CD in the game otherwise.
  3. Katsuo’s Eclipse – Can make the rotation fuller, with additional BoKs.
  4. Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch (+1 target)
  5. Drinking Horn Cover (Useless with Serenity)
  6. Cinidaria, the Symbiote
  7. Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus – Very strong defensive bubble
  8. Sephuz’s Secret – Needs stun or CC-able targets