WtW isn’t even my final form!

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Sorry, your content is in a different castle (mountain?).

WtW has leveled up. What?! Its evolving?

Moooovin’ on up, to the Peak-side, to that deeeeluxe website, on the mountaaaain.

I highly recommend listening to my most recent podcast for more information.

I’ll keep this short, WalkingTheWind.com will no longer be supported after April 1st. We’re moving over to….. drumroll please…


This will become the new home for all things Windwalker, as well as all things Brewmaster and Mistweaver. Its a project still under construction, but it will be prepared for release, with at least what we have, for April 1st. I have recruited the help of many prominent members of the Monk community, guide writers, bloggers, and more to provide the best possible content for all Monk specs, not just Windwalkers, in one convenient and (hopefully) easy to navigate location.

I have already transitioned everything from WtW over, as well as some format improvements based on everyone’s responses and recommendations on my last survey to make the content I provide more thorough and accessible for everyone.

You will continue to be able to support me and all the content that I provide through supporting the new site, Peak of Serenity, through Patreon, which gives you access to a Patron only channel in the Monk Discord as well as allows you to enter into giveaways once we reach the required Patreon donation level. All the authors contributing to PeakofSerenity.com will recieve a portion of the donations after the overhead and giveaways are taken care of.

Thank you for all the support over the past two years, I’m excited about moving onto this next step in providing the best content for Windwalkers, and now all Monks.



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