7.2 PTR Build 23758 – Legendary Changes

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This was written after several hours of shoveling several feet of snow and during raid, so there may be mistakes.

There were some definitely noticeable changes to legendaries in this round of PTR changes. Note, these changes aren’t technically final and they haven’t been fully tested in sims yet to see the full extent of these changes.

 Sephuz’s Secret
  • Now always grants 10% increased movement speed and 3% Haste.
  • When triggered, this bonus is increased to the current values of 70% movement speed and 25% Haste.
  • Movement speed bonuses now stack with other movement speed bonuses.

This is an interesting change. Basically you will have a permanent 10% movement speed and 3% haste and when you get the buff, they become 70% and 25%, respectively. Pretty clear buff to the times that you don’t have the buff up. Whats unclear is whether the movement speed stacking is specific to the Sephuz Buff, or other movement speed buffs.

Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch

Another clear buff, 40% is a lot. It still has the limitations of the rest of the proc, but an additional 40% damage to Touch of Death is nothing to scoff at. Its unclear whether this damage increase is before or after Gale Burst is added.

 Katsuo’s Eclipse

Pretty flat nerf, and as its roughly, but not quite, halving the benefit of the legendary. Less chi should mean better use of chi, so its not quite a 50% nerf. Its probably that this was a pretty big hit to the power of this legendary, but we wont know how much until sims are updated and done. It could be pretty rough, its going to be decent still, but certainly not BiS.

 Drinking Horn Cover
  • The duration of Storm, Earth, and Fire is reduced to 0.4 seconds (was 0.6 seconds) for every Chi you spend.

Another nerf to the one of Windwalker’s strongest legendaries, this time “only” a 1/3 decrease in effect. This will certainly help balance things with the addition of Serenity, but this one is even harder to math out the benefit of until we get sims for it. Its a pretty big nerf as well, likely bigger than just 1/3 the benefit since the benefit somewhat compounds on itself.

March of the Legion
  • Now has an additional 1041 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat.

Decent addition of stats, but nothing fantastic. If the above change for Sephuz’s movement speed applies to this ring as well, then that would be REALLY strong imo.

The Emperor’s Capacitor 
  • Chi spenders increase the damage of your next Crackling Jade Lightning by 50%100% and reduce its cost by 5%, stacking up to 20 times. Not in Blizzard’s notes.

Its unclear if this is actually intended, but if it is, its a pretty decent single target buff, doubling a legendary that was already pretty strong in pure single target, albeit difficult to use perfectly. It would almost undoubtedly make this the BiS legendary for single target.


The overall idea of these changes was to bring the top down and the bottom up for the legendaries, and in that right, they likely succeeded. However, it looks like, without any compensation or other change, Katsuo’s Eclipse and Drinking Horn Cover may drop it quite a bit down the list compared to other legendaries, its difficult to say how much until we’re able to get sims out, but they’re almost certainly not going to be BiS anymore. This is probably overkill for both without some other changes, almost certainly overkill for Katsuo’s Eclipse.

There are a lot of moving parts in 7.2 currently so its difficult to say how everything will shake out, but its pretty easy to see how these legendary changes will tweak things.

Remember to direct any vitriol and freaking out to Blizzard in the correct places and ways, NOT in Discord on the comments, or PMs to me.


  1. Shakugan

    “Another clear buff, 40% is a lot. It still has the limitations of the rest of the proc, but an additional 40% damage to Touch of Death is nothing to scoff at. Its unclear whether this damage increase is before or after Gale Burst is added.”

    Based on what I’ve noticed on the PTR, the 40% damage is counted after gale burst. Which is nice I suppose.

    1. Shakugan

      Though I’m unsure if the extra amount is just 40% of the base applied after gale burst, or if it’s actually 40% of the total. Since it’s definitely not applied before-hand.

      1. Author

        It’s 40% of the base after mastery, not counting galeburst

  2. Pawpin

    Not in thE opinion of most people. Most call it trash class lol kinda wish blizzard would do more for us on st since that is what boss fights are.

    1. Author

      Then most people aren’t looking at any of the data available to them.

  3. Pawpin

    Are there any ptr sims with the bis ww legendary changes yet? I’m really interested to see how much are dps suffers from this.

    1. Author

      Notthing yet, and there are lots more changing in 7.2 with the Artifact changes, so it will be difficult to see exactly what is the cause of a rise or fall in dps.

      1. Pawpin

        Kind of worried right now. I was told by my guild that if these changes do go through I would have to consider a different role for my monk or rerolling. I hope someone can do a check on this to prove that my dps won’t decrease to much to show my officers I’m still a productive dps to bring in raid. Border line right now regardless of having the horn aND boots with other classes. If anyone has info please post here. Thank you.

        1. Author

          I think that’s pretty crazy as I’m assuming you’re not in a top top world guild. WW is pretty strong in NH even without the legendaries.

  4. sunde

    In the latest MMO champ post there’s no mention of the Katsuo’s nerf among the WW legendary changes:

    Drinking Horn Cover: The duration of Storm, Earth, and Fire is increased by 0.4 seconds (was 0.6 seconds) for every Chi you spend. The duration of Serenity is now extended by 0.3 seconds every time you cast a Chi spender.
    The Emperor’s Capacitor: Damage bonus per stack increased to 100% (was 50%).
    March of the Legion: Now has an additional 1068 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Haste stat reduced slightly.

    1. Author

      They dont repost changes that were already posted. Unless you see anything be reverted, its not reverted.

  5. Shar

    If those changes go live without any form of compensation, I guess I’m done with this game for this expansion, blizzard devs can go f*ck themselves.

  6. Silance

    After getting my two BiS legendaries, I swaped my loot spec over to brm to start working on those, I regret everything. Literally every other legendary listed in that post got a nerf except for the two BiS WW ones. Our damage isn’t even that absurd if you look at logs. Why us?

    1. Gapostigo

      Nobody knows, at least a bit of insight would’ve been appreciated

  7. Calvin Yeap

    WOw…. this news is a bit hit as i got farmed my ass off for a katsuo and my cini pre nerf. what would you suggest would be the most effective comp

    1. Author

      It may depend on the situation, will take some time to tell.

    1. Author

      Excitement for the next few weeks, disappointment afterwards likely.

      1. Gapostigo

        Im quite new to wow, but are you expecting any buffs to compensate? I do not believe the buffs on legendaries compensate in any way the nerfs

        1. Author

          Its always possible, class balance changes are normally done toward the end of the PTR cycle, so in the next few weeks we’ll see some changes if any.

  8. Kostas

    I personally in a post below mentioned the trait of 12 seconds lower sef cd. However with simple fast math this is just a garbage AP point drain since there is no actual gain into more sef in any fight…actually you get the same Amount of sef in any fight but with less extend if you have bracers. Hence a nerf to bracers and a garbage trait overall.

    1. Doreeh

      Now, on live, we can put second FoF in SeF. With that changes -> we cant. So, what the point to equip bracers on 7.2? To increses dmg from ~1-2 RSK and some BK’s? It’s not a big deal =\

      1. Doreeh

        I mean that nerf, its more than just less extend. We just dont need this extend in any quantity if we cant put 2nd FoF. We can put all strong abilities without horn, right? So, based on this, we just dont need this bracers anymore at all.

      2. Author

        On live you can get a second FoF into SEF with Bloodlust with room to spare, I don’t expect that to change, other than less room to spare.

        1. Kostas

          So actually this is not as big of a nerf. Or is it???? I mean obviously the boots is a HUGE nerf…but since the wrists are ok with adding a second FoF then it is not such a big nerf…just a slight decrease of numbers. Correct?

          1. Author

            It’s a pretty big nerf, just doesn’t really change whether or not you can get a second FoF in

          2. Kostas

            So any actual numbers to the nerf? or approximately?

          3. Author

            Nothing yet, its going to take some time, and with the other changes in 7.2, going to be hard to pick how one specific thing effects the overall.

    1. Author

      New Artifact traits, and there will be other changes before 7.2 goes live

  9. Kaktus

    Here is how I imagine it,
    Hidden touch; Taking numbers from some logs, TOD does like 5% dps, for example 13.25m/ 231.66m. In this case 40% increase should 2.28% overall dps increase. In best case scenario, always having it hit 2 targets, overall worth of effect is, 2x TOD *1.40, so 10.3% dps increase. It should be nice with legendary belt, having 30% more damage go into Gale Burst and 30% more from TOD..

    Katsuo; Sounds more than 50% nerf. It halves amount of chi saved from fof. Making fof cost even number of chi, makes it harder to streak with RSK and SOTW without losing gcd for TP. Also openner will be worse for same reason.

    March; 641mastery is like 2% mastery. With 45% mastery base mastery, this is 1.01% dps increase.

    Emperor; From my usage I have seen CJL do around 1,2-3% overall dmg from CJL, and extra stats as chest piece should be worth around 1% dps. I have noticed some weird things using it. One is that chinese players are having 6-10% damage done from CJL and not dropping stacks on replay, other being longer cast times sometimes.

    1. Warcry

      March is a dps lose… you lose so much agility that it is not worth it.

    2. Yumeji

      “Emperor; From my usage I have seen CJL do around 1,2-3% overall dmg from CJL, and extra stats as chest piece should be worth around 1% dps. I have noticed some weird things using it. One is that chinese players are having 6-10% damage done from CJL and not dropping stacks on replay, other being longer cast times sometimes.”

      Ive been trying to figure out how this is done, and nothing.


      there you can clearly see the buff being on 20 stacks for the whole fight, yet he still uses CJL to do dmg without dropping the stacks.

      1. Author

        They’re using an exploit that allows you to keep the stacks even when casting it

  10. Kostas

    Dude you should not forget though that with the new artifact trait sef recharge will be reduced by 12 seconds. Hence the nerf to bracers is not that big. Actually almost a break even. The boots though is an overkill straight forward

    1. Mikael

      The amount of SEF uses throughout a fight is the same, the uptime on SEF is reduced.
      Do me a favour and show me how you think less uptime but same amount of uses is breaking even.

  11. Doreeh

    What do u think Serenity+Waist+Hands after this changes? ToD will deal about 8+millions? 😀

    1. Author

      I’m not going to say I have any idea how that combination would work or if it will be best, there are a lot more moving parts in 7.2 than just the legendaries.

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