PTR: 7.1.5 Notes (Nov 29)

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Since there are always questions about this, I’ll do a quick post about the changes. Obviously, this may or may not be the extent of the changes

  • Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred The amount of damage that Touch of Karma can redirect is increased by 150% of your maximum health. Touch of Karma deals 300% increased damage.

Overall a great change, makes it easier to get the most damage out of it, you take 50% of your health, and do 200% of your health to the target. Absorbing 50% of your health is very easy to do in all content without doing anything risky. It cuts down on the incredible strength of the legendary, while making it much easier to use. It removes it as a bonus to survivability, but makes it significantly easier to hit the maximum damage possible.

  • The Emperor’s Capacitor Chi spenders increase the damage of your next CJL by 100%. Stacks up to 25 times.250% and reduce its cost by 5%, stacking up to 20 times.

This is a pretty incredible improvement for this legendary. Currently CJL does 70% Attack Power over 4s, this legendary allows you to stack up a buff (assuming its a buff) that will increase that by 5000%, up to 3500% of your AP, which is more than the base damage of Fists of Fury plus Crosswinds, which amounts to 3325% AP, before relics, traits, etc. This is also for free if at maximum stacks, so it acts as 4s of energy regen that does a ton of damage. In addition, because its nature damage, it ignores armor. It also can be cast from range if needed. It does interrupt autoattacks, but thats worth the huge damage it will bring.

From Pandanaconda:

The Emperor’s Capacitor‘s cooldown is looking to be around 1 minute roughly, maybe a bit less; 50 seconds ish with Katsuo’s Eclipse. It’s damage is Nature so despite traits it may be significantly more than a Fists of Fury. It could be responsible for 10% ish of your damage and help with boss uptime; that’s before we abuse it with Serenity‘s damage increase or whatnot.”

Its currently unclear how these changes will effect the balance of the legendaries between each other, or overall WW balance, but in my opinion, they are two positive overall changes, and I expect some more to come before 7.1.5 or 7.2 are released to live.


Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.


  1. Max

    I’m currently disappointed with the change to Cenedril. I loved it as a utility legendary which can also grant a high DPS boost if played well, but now all utility involved was removed.

    It already feels as if monks lack both useful raid utility and powerful personal defensive cooldowns, and this legendary felt like you were finally getting some. It’s also a direct nerf in M+ environments, where mitigating massive AoE damage is sometimes crucial.

    In addition, with the newfound ease-of-use regarding gaining the full damage boost, it now feels more than ever as a ‘mandatory’ DPS legendary – the gap between personal DPS of windwalkers who have it and those who don’t is a considerable one.

    Overall, as a user of this cloak, i don’t really like this change even it will probably give me a strict DPS increase. I get that the 200% HP thing was probably overpowered and enabled cheesing out some mechanics, but I wish they kept at least some of it – like a 100% health threshold increase and a 100% damage increase, which would still fix the issue but keep the feel of this legendary.

    I wish there was some way to convey this to Blizzard, but oh well!

  2. Garf

    so with this change , i cant absorb 5M+ damage anymore in raid or savage pvp with my cloak ? sadly :s but yhea it’s cool for raid

  3. FredTheAlmighty

    Something I noticed on the PTR as well, March of the Legion, Sephuz, and Prydaz all got a buff to the stats they give. From what I can see, these weren’t listed on the PTR notes. Only mention is Sephuz now working with dispels, but they don’t mention stat changes anywhere.

    Sephuz: 1642 Crit/657 Haste (Live) > 2121 Crit/848 Haste (PTR)
    March: 1313 Crit/985 Haste (Live) > 1697 Crit/1272 Haste (PTR)
    Prydaz: 821 Crit/1477 Mastery (Live) > 1060 Crit/1909 Mastery (PTR)

    Also noticed that Serenity seems to be bugged at the moment, the cooldown reductions are only being applied while the 8s Serenity buff is active, and then everything returns to normal afterwards, effectively removing the entire CD reduction aspect on SotWL, FoF, etc. Only CD reduction you really get out of it is casting 2x RSK inside Serenity. Seems likely that this is a bug since it wasn’t listed and feels so weird on the PTR. Figured i’d post it here.

    1. Author

      Yeah the ring chances may be indicative of a change in secondary stats on accessories. I had heard a rumor about it but so far nothing confirmed.

  4. Sker

    Well, the Emperor’s Capacitor seems to be huge gain of DPS. It will also give us a new CD for single target burst.

    Hope this will not making it mandatory, RNG and legendary items are such a pain :/

  5. Salivas

    Did you do the math to see on average what the “CD” of CjL would be? In normal rotation you would use 20 chi in ~10-15 seconds? this could be a very good and consistent dps increase and a welcome addition to the rotation

    1. Author

      I have done no thinking nor math on any of this further that what I wrote. I’m currently raiding so I wrote this on a break.

    2. Bad0r

      It stacks up for each chi-spending ability and not for each chi consumed. So ~50 seconds to 1 minute CD should be right.

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