PTR: 7.1.5 Notes (Nov 29) Part 2

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For a brief discussion on the legendary changes, see Part 1: PTR: 7.1.5 Notes (Nov 29).

In addition to these legendary changes, there were also some undocumented changes.

Stat Conversions

Blizzard has changed the stat conversions for what ratings equal 1% of a stat. Here’s what happened:

  • Versatility: Live – 400, PTR – 475
  • Mastery: Live – 280, PTR – 320
  • Haste: Live – 325, PTR – 375
  • Crit: Live – 350, PTR – 400 (Plus a reduction of base Crit from 15% to 10%

Basically what this does, is push Agility even further ahead in its usefulness, lowers Vers’s weight relative to the others, as it got hit hardest by the conversion changes, the 5% base Crit reduction pushes Crit’s value ahead quite a bit, and Mastery’s very minor change in conversion insures that it stays ahead. These stat changes are an overall buff to WW relative to many other classes that will get hit much harder by these “nerfs”. *Very early, preliminary, mostly napkin math* testing shows that this *may* push WW to just stack Mastery with some Crit thrown in. Haste stays comfortably behind the other stats. It is also roughly a 8% overall damage loss in single target, and likely similar in AOE. This is relatively light compared to some other classes.


We’re currently working to see if these are, in fact, bugs or whether they are intended.

**This has been confirmed to be intended, see Part 3 for more information** Currently on the PTR, Serenity‘s cooldown reduction is not persisting outside of the 8s buff. This means that if Fists of Fury has 5s left on its cooldown when you leave Serenity, it jumps up to 10s. The cooldown reduction going in is still there, so if Fists of Fury has 10s on its cooldown when you press Serenity, it is cut to 5s. This could have some interesting implications for tweaking how we use Serenity and how strong it is, if it is intended. If/when we get word about it, there will be an update with information on how it changes things.

Lastly, on the PTR, the energy cost reduction from Emperor’s capacitor is only being applied to the first tick of Crackling Jade Lightning. Its, again, unclear if that’s intended. It would slightly change how strong the legendary is, while making it also somewhat easier to use, in a way, since you don’t need to worry about hitting your energy cap, just have the energy ready to go when you use it.

Again, should be stressed that we are currently unsure if these are bugs or intended but have a message out to find out. When we know, you’ll know.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read then please scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.


  1. Salivas

    Honestly, when i first heard about our mastery changes way back when I thought we would be stacking Mastery with some crit. And then of course it couldn’t be that easy 🙁

  2. Aurroc

    If the Serenity thing is real, that doesn’t actually negate the CD reducing benefit, it just nerfs it. During Serenity, if FoF goes from 6s to 5s, it would go back up to 10s if Serenity dropped. But if it’s at 6s when Serenity drops, it would go up to 12. So you still got a benefit.

    That seems like it might be unclear, so I’m going to try another example. FoF has a 24s base CD, so if you use it during serenity, it is 12 sec. Serenity is 8 seconds long, so if you use FoF right away, it would have 4 seconds left. Then it would go up to 8. But if Serenity didn’t reduce the CD at all, it would be at 16sec (24 minus 8). So it is a nerf to Serenity’s CD reduction, but it still does something.

    1. Author

      Yeah, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around how it changes things.

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