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In General by Babylonius

Going to be a little melodramatic for a bit, so bear with me. If you want to read the reasons pushing me away from the game, then click the Melodrama tab.

It looks like my time with World of Warcraft is winding down. My schedule and life just don’t allow for much time to play, and the game design is very unfriendly for players who can’t play often, but want to maintain a very high level of play.

For those who don’t know, I only raid 7 hours a week, but raid in a guild that is consistently in the top 3 of those raiding only two nights a week, and clear all content before the next is out. I also teach full time at an elementary (PK-6) school, have a wife and a 7 month old daughter. Because my wife is finishing a Masters degree, she is gone most evenings, leaving me on daughter duty after work, and anyone who has or had a 7 month old, knows that sitting down to raid, or do a dungeon, or even a few World Quests can be nigh impossible. Sitting down to practice my rotation, research boss fights, etc. is also very difficult with the distract-o-monster. Its currently much easier to play Skyrim, Civ 6, or Xbox that I can pause, save, and put down at a moments notice, than a game that requires chunks of uninterrupted time.

In my opinion; Legion is one of, if not the, best expansions for Warcraft. There are things to do 24/7 for those that can, and a short list of things for those who only have a few minutes a day. However, there is a significant gap in reward opportunity between the two groups. Because I cannot devote the extra time to farm M+, I am put at a noticeable disadvantage over those who can in opportunities for Legendaries, artifact traits, and gear upgrades.

Because of my schedule, I have to miss the first 3o mins or so of raid time until my wife comes home and can take my daughter off my hands. In practice, it means that I’ll miss the first rotation of progression and maybe the first farm boss or two. However, recently its led to me missing three consecutive progression kills after not missing one since Throne of Thunder was released several years ago. This has somewhat sucked the desire to play out from me. World Quests aren’t fun, spamming Mythic Dungeons isn’t fun, Karazhan was really really fun, but raiding at a high level is what made the rest bearable. If it turns out, as it looks like it will, that I’ve lost my desire to raid, then I’ve lost my desire to play WoW.

So if I scale back, or stop playing WoW, here’s what it means for you:

Hopefully nothing.

Discord can be done on my phone, even while playing with my daughter. Articles and theorycrafting can be done when I have the time for them, there’s no scheduled hours or deadlines other than the ones I set for myself. Theoretically, if I’m not raiding or playing, that’s actually slightly more time that can be focused toward the site or the community. This brings up a few ideas that I’ve mulled over and things that have been requested. However, with each of these come requirements.

  • Podcasts – I’ve been on Monkcraft twice now, and each time is lots of fun. I think that perhaps it may be fun to do a podcast every week or two that covers some topics on the site, just in a different format, perhaps interviews or opinions from other Windwalkers about changes and stuff like that.
  • Video guides – this is an often requested addition to the site that I’ve thought about doing. However, this comes with a huge time requirement, bigger than any other piece of content that I offer because I’m not comfortable with doing just a Twitch stream, low quality video.

Both of these would require some additional software, hardware upgrades to my computer (mainly a new CPU, which requires a new Motherboard), and the time to learn the new software and produce the content. This is simply too much for me to do out of the kindness of my heart, and the shallowness of my wallet.

I’m not going to sugar coat things, this is the real world, and most of our readers are adults of some age, many with similar responsibilities. In order to continue doing what we’ve been doing, and even more so, to add more of the content people are so voracious for, takes time, and “time is money, friends.” The site will be maintained and kept at this high level of quality, for as long as I, and the others, can justify the time and energy to do so. Pride in the community and ourselves and our work will only sustain us for so long. Blizzard has made things significantly harder for people who provide this kind of content, and Discord brings a never ending chain of request.

To gain more information about what people are looking for, and what content we can provide, at what cost/benefit to us; I have created a Survey that I would ask everyone to take. It only takes a few minutes and will help us plan out the future of WalkingTheWind.

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Thank you for your time. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you like what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.